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Craft Beer List

Deciduous Mighty Glad (NH) 8%

Double India pale ale hopped w/ Citra & Motueka

Other Half Green City (NY) 7%

Brewed w/ Centennial, Ctira, & Simcoe

Battery Steele Flume (ME) 8%

Citra & Mosaic, imparting huge notes of tropical fruit, citrus & pine

Greater Good PULP Daddy (MA) 8%

Hazy & refreshing with perfect nebulosity & mouthfeel. HOPS: Citra & Mosaic

Finback Rolling In Clouds (NY) 8%

Fluffy & crisp, this hazy, cloudy, blurry, fuzzy, whatever you wanna call it, IPA is delicious

Finback Something Motueka (NY) 6.5%

IPA dry hopped w/ Motueka

Finback Smooth Beats Miami (NY) 6.2%

Brewed w/ coconut & dry hopped with Equinox, El Dorado & Zythos

Singlecut Electric Blue (NY) 7.2%

WEIRD & GILLY now has a slightly bigger brother. Double dry-hopped, smooth, & luscious

Vanished Valley Pomona (MA) 6.5%

Hazy & full of bright flavors of citrus, grapefruit, & tangerine

Burlington Beer Complicated Being A Wizard (VT) 8%

Ripe papaya, nectarines, orange zest, & dank cannabis

Burlington Beer Uncanny Valley (VT) 7%

Flavors & aromas of Ripe Mango, Pine Needles, Tangerine Zest, Watermelon, & Stone Fruit

Burlington Beer Skyhook (VT) 8%

Flavors & aroma of pineapple sorbet, papaya, dank cannabis & candied orange peel

Foundation Epiphany (ME) 10%

Notes of citrus, tropical fruit & pine combining for a rich, juicy experience

Wachusett Blueberry (MA) 4.5%

Crisp & clean w/ blueberr y notes balanced by a subtle flavor of wheat

Allagash White (ME) 5%

Traditional Belgian wheat beer with subtle hints of spice & yeast throughout

Sam Adams Summer (MA) 5.3%

Crisp, hazy, unfiltered brew w/ bright citrus, lemon peel, & spice of grains

Weihenstephaner Hefe (Germany) 5.4%

Flavors of yeast, banana, clove, other mild spices & slight earthyness

Petrus Aged Red (Belgium) 8.5%

Fermented w/ cherries. Sugary w/ fruity malts, cherries & light sour finish

Burley Oak J.R.E.A.M. (NY) 7%

Sour ale w/ lactose conditioned on raspberry, blackberry, cherry, and jelly beans

Four Quarters Piña Peño Gose (VT) 4.5%

Sour ale with sea salt conditioned on pineapples & jalapeños

Deciduous Mystical Splendor (NH) 6%

Fruited Sour Ale w/ Strawberry & Mango

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale (KY) 8.19%

Strong Ale w/ bourbon flavors w/ vanilla & oak along w/ hints of caramel & malt

Guinness Irish Stout *NITRO* (Ireland) 4%

Sweet dry stout w/ roasted malts, some coffee notes & very slight smokyiness

Mast Landing Gunner's Daughter (ME) 5.5%

Milk stout w/ delicious notes of peanut butter, coffee, & dark chocolate

BBC Coffee House Porter *NITRO* (MA) 6.2%

Dark & robust, creamy coffee essence with a delicate hop bitterness

Avery Ellie's Brown (CO) 5.5%

Seep russet brew has the sweet and somewhat nutty character

Jacks Abby House Lager (MA) 5.2%

Sweet & golden with a full malty body, inspired by the country lagers of Bavaria

Downeast Cider (MA) 6.5%

Local, made w/ Red & Yellow Delicious, McIntosh, Cortland & Gala apples